Back from Clinton

We're back from the Clinton War. No sunburn this time - the recent rains kept everything nice and green, and the temperatures reasonable. A smaller event, but it's nice to have about 500 or 600 people instead of 1800. Rather amusing to see the way people still camp in tight clusters, as if they had to save the space.

Fighting was very enjoyable, both the torchlight tournament on Friday night (held by the Romans) and the war proper. I didn't fight much with the kite shield, since I'd forgotten to adjust the handle to allow the clamshell gauntlets to fit behind the boss. Instead of sword and kite, I fought a fair amount of sword and dagger, and it paid off in droves. People don't expect to get stabbed in the gut in a gateway press!

On a less happy note, I find the whole revocation of sanction thing still angers me, a year and a half later. I suspect I'll never really accept it, and sure as hell won't attend TOA, since they've ripped off the whole Tournament of Armies concept that was intended for Clinton in the first place.
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Had an enjoyable night out tonight with a couple folks, doing nothing more than painting miniatures. Good to get back to gaming roots like that.

Also amused that I still have some paint pots from my original sets, that I got back in 1989 or so.
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They're getting vicious now

Had to share this post from a members-only WW2Online forum. Dayum.

Subject: stop pleading to the jury, rightwingers
the trial is over

You've been found culpable

Competent to stand trial, but competent for almost nothing else

We all know your crimes, and there's no need to list them here

You are all convicted now, and as convicts, you have no credibility

No one cares when you say you were framed, that it was "the other guy who done it"

Each one of you shares the stain of avaricious drool, and bilous ruin, but the rest of us have to make things right now

Nobody can tell you to STFU, so justice is never quite served, I suppose.

However, each of you has to live with the knowledge that your stunted, naive, and rapacious economic ideology has led us to that which you feared most: The Socialist State

You brought us to this position, now kindly get out of the way and shut up while responsible people try to undo your damage.

It's the least you can do

(and probably the very most you can do)

Gaming, resumed

So, my group of mid-30's gamers have largely managed to get past the mid-summer doldrums and we've actually gamed the last two scheduled sessions (we aim for every other week).

The previous session, three weeks ago, one person couldn't make it, and the other was a maybe. I'm personally tired of the "I'll put maybe because I don't have the guts to say no" approach, so I told everyone it was on, and we played down two (normally five players and myself as the DM).

It was good. I was able to run each of the three folks a fair ways along their personal plot threads, and everyone left jazzed about the game. One of my players also has turned out to have a real flair for writing session recaps, which saves me a ton of work post-game and a lot of delays in-game as I scribble down what's happening.

Last Friday we gamed again, and were only down one person, and it was even better. A major, major event from the paladin's past was dragged kicking and screaming out in to the light of day. He had been slain, raised, destroyed, and brought back again - with no resultant memory, and nobody else still in the party had been there; he had become very uncertain of his path as a result. A priest of death, however, heard about a paladin who was slain yet still walked, and came to see if this was a perversion (IE: was he actually undead), and utilized a MacGuffin that very, very painfully forced the soul to relive the experience, somewhat restoring the paladin's memories.

The swashbuckling Count Diego faced down his duel with panache and kicked his challenger's ass with ease (Note: D&D rules suck for raising tension in a duel), then bought out a failing inn with the intention of creating a swordsman's school. Perhaps he should be paying more attention to the notes left on his door, though....

Ever-so-creepy and "not evil, honestly" sorceror Vox had to bail on his abode, after being almost ambushed there by a mysterious group called "the Silencers". He's now on the run in the city.

And finally, stalwart Haufn, priest of the war-god Marrek, is finding that he's getting dragged in to a street-war between gangs of pre-adolescent toughs, and wondering what the hell is going on.

The players left really energized again, with discrete plans for the future. I'm lovin' it.

I suck

Sorry folks, I should have posted here when we got back.

Our baby, Elizabeth, was born on August 1st. 6lb 4oz (two weeks early will do that). We're all back and hunkydory.

My wife's been posting pics and such on her LJ - go take a look at nlazarus.

A new helm, after 17 years?

I may just get a new helm after fighting in my current one for 17 years. It's starting to show some serious dents, and is really big. I've got a freaking huge head, yet I have over an inch of padding in this helm...

Chang brought over one that he made a while back, and I'm pondering it. It's not quite as slimline as I was hoping, but I also agree with him that the current "single layer of foam" is insanity that will ensure concussions. I work in IT; I'm not about to futz around with my brain's safety.